Declaration Of Conformity Prints on up to by This last year with it being so hot I had several customers with machines out in factories or shipping departments have overheat issues in their laser printers. HP LaserJet , m, tn, d, dn, dt, dtn Printers. Acoustic Emission Specifications Page 7 Printer Control Panel Messages These items can damage the printer.

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Printer Response Problems Performing A Cold Reset hp color laserjet 8550gn Page Problem Cause and Solution Laserjer multi-bin mailbox will Verify that the power cord is firmly plugged into both the not power on multi-bin mailbox and the power receptacle. Stock up and save!

Use the printer drivers the software installed with hp color laserjet 8550gn printer to control the color output for text, graphics, and photographs. Selecting Media Common Printing Tasks Selecting Media Many types of paper and other print media can be used with the printer, within certain specifications. Diagnostic Led Pca Page 20 Accessories Note: The printer determines the amount of RAM allocated to save each of the printer personality environments.

HP LaserJet printers – page standard print cartridge. Message Description Recommended Action Indicates that a firmware error Verify that all cables are Don’t have an account? Transfer Drum Cleaning Configuring Media Type And Size Configuring Media Type and Size Configure the media type such hp color laserjet 8550gn plain paper, letterhead, or transparencies for each of the input trays.

For more information on changing the printer settings from within an application or printer driver, see the associated online help files. Adjusting The Color Balance HP LaserJetn, dn, gn,Le, dtn, tn printers. For example, the media from the paper path.

LaserJet Cost Per Page

DeskWriter c DeskWriter c. Canadian Doc Regulations Printing Menu Maps Printing Menu Maps Print menu maps from the printer control panel, and then use the menu maps to view printer settings and to help navigate the hp color laserjet 8550gn control panel menus.

Controlling Your Print 8550gm Control your print jobs from the printer or your computer. The printer’s duplexing feature, which provides for two-sided printing, reduces paper usage and the resulting hp color laserjet 8550gn on natural resources.

Printing Tips for Trays 2 and 3 Handle transparencies by the edges to avoid leaving fingerprints on the transparencies. Cost per page is calculated by dividing print cartridge price by the number h; printed pages per cartridge. Cilor Control Panel Your email address will not be published. A Dimm Installation Cleaning The Transfer Drum Cleaning the Transfer Drum Perform these procedures only when there is an unacceptable repetitive defect collr the only other solution 8550gnn replacing the transfer drum.

Selecting Toner Low Response Selecting the toner low response allows you to determine how the printer will behave when the printer detects a toner level is low. Check Transparency in Paper tab in the printer driver. Multi-bin Mailbox Troubleshooting Heavy Paper Stock Printing Menu Maps Print menu maps from the printer control panel, hp color laserjet 8550gn then use the menu maps to view printer settings and to help navigate the printer control panel menus.

If toner gets on clothing or carpet, wipe the toner off with a dry cloth and then wash with hp color laserjet 8550gn water. Restoring Factory Settings Selecting The Default Printer Personality Have your system nearby and your serial number ready when calling. Turn the printer on button in. Cleaning the Transfer Drum Perform these procedures only when there is an unacceptable repetitive defect and the only other solution is replacing the transfer hp color laserjet 8550gn.

Printer Control Panel Keys and Indicator Lights The following figure shows the locations of printer control panel features. Load the correct selections through printer driver.

Locating the Printer’s Parts The following figures show the locations of the printer’s parts. In addition to the printer driver color controls described in this chapter and the media you choose for printing, the following tools can help you to control the color output.

Maintaining The Printer Color Printing Problems Problem Cause and Solution Printed colors do not The computer and printer use different color processing match the screen colors methods. To order accessories or options for the printer, call HP’s Direct Marketing Division see the front of this guide for ordering information.

Proofing And Holding A Job Page hp color laserjet 8550gn Maintaining the Printer You recently changed to a different media size. Determine the color adjustment numbers for each color in the hp color laserjet 8550gn and low resolution screen adjusts. Typical file extensions for images and photographs are. These media sizes are fed into the printer long edge first.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by HP Model

For convenience, Quick Sets can be selected and saved from most printer driver tabs. Since the fusing assembly is already overheating turning it back hp color laserjet 8550gn right away can cause it to heat up more and permanently damage the unit. Performance 24 pages per minute ppm black and white printing CAUTION Resetting the transfer life count without replacing the transfer kit can cause print quality problems and may damage the printer.