When using a keyboard or barcode reader communicating with a host through the Centronics or serial port is prohibited. If the test print appears as Figure B, remain the screw at the left of Ribbon Bracket fixed, and then loose the screw at the right, and gradually fine-tune upward, until the print quality gets improved. Page 80 Figure 2 Figure Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Insert the media roll into the media supply spindle and move the media guide to the inside.

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Memory full Check graphics and soft Need to reboot the fonts from host.

Argox products have been contributed very much to table order and order marking process in hospitality industry where personalized table order terminal has not been implemented. An external switch sets the printer for use with argox x1000vl inside or outside coated ribbons, and an adjustable ribbon guide stabilizes the ribbon during printing.

argox x1000vl

Adjust Position of Label Sensor Function of the label sensor is to detect the gap, notch, or arggox of labels, to help the printer for accurate print positions and label length. Unwrap the ribbon and separate the ribbon roll from the bare core.

Lead the media argox x1000vl the print head argox x1000vl and under the paper sensor guide. The printer will then feed the labels through the cutter automatically.

Argox XVL, DPI Industrial Barcode Printers

When using Ethernet model printer, please wait till the Ready Indicator to stop blinking, before argix printer operations. Lead the ribbon through the print head module. Plug argox x1000vl power cable into the power socket on the wall, and then connect the other end argox x1000vl the cable to printer’s power socket.

Secure the dispenser board onto printer case. Close the top access door and turn on the printer or press the FEED button if the printer is already on. The pin assignment of serial cable is different from PC. Repeat the same process until argox x1000vl printing quality argox x1000vl well balanced on both ends of the label. Guillotine Cutter with Argox x1000vl Jam If there is paper jam inside guillotine cutter, check in Figure 1 and find where the screw under guillotine cutter.

Remove the wrgox media guide.

Argox X-1000VL User Manual

The driver should now argox x1000vl installed. Loading Media The X-Series printers offer three different loading modes: Page 55 Ethernet indication: Select Install printer drivers and Click “Next” Ethernet settings and parameters XE. Arhox the argox x1000vl end of the media roll remove enough labels to expose argox x1000vl of backing paper. Printing Wrinkle During printing, ribbon may x10000vl and cause abnormal printing quality.

Page of Go. Print a test page to check print quality. Lead the ribbon through the print head module. Turn the head latch counter-clockwise and open the bracket.

Dispenser Installation Dispenser Installation Install a dispenser into the printer as follows: Water or spit should be kept away in case of corrosion on heating elements.

Argox X-1000VL Industrial Barcode Printer

It is to control cut Phillips screwdriver actions of guillotine cutter. Parts and products properly labeled with related ID numbers in barcode format can argox x1000vl quickly and precisely scanned and logged into related database.

argox x1000vl The FEED srgox does not make the printer cut. Print Head Print Line Position When the label only exhibits locally inferior printing quality argox x1000vl the ribbon is not wrinkled, the position of the print head shall be adjusted, and the adjusting position is shown as Fig. Seagull driver is to run the DriverWizard utility from the Installation Directory argox x1000vl the Seagull driver files locates.

Switching Ribbon Wound Ink-side In Or Ink-side Out Switching Ribbon Argox x1000vl Ink-side in or X1000fl out The printer is produced to suit flexible applications, no matter with ribbon wound ink-side in manufacturing defaultor with ribbon wound ink-side out. Parallel Centronics The parallel port is a standard pin Centronics connector.

Enter text from picture: Do not operate the printer in an area arox it might get wet.